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Buyer : Mara Mililotti
Year:2007- Opening date: 12/07/2007

The intervention is related to the last level of the building situated in Vico Santo Spirito di Palazzo n° 54 in Naples and consists in the refinement of the floor of the covering terrace and the installation of the parapet along the complete covering perimeter. In the details there will be these phases:

1) Removal of the bituminous scabbard;
2) Removal of the inclinations’ rocky soil for a uniform depth equal to 3,5 cm, so that it can respect the existing installations;
3) Starting up of a new bituminous scabbard;
4) Drawing up of the allurement mortar for the flooring;
5) Laying of terracotta-tiled flooring;
6) Installation of a parapet;

The expected interventions both in the choice of the materials and in their disposition, have been also evaluated in relation to the requirements of not damaging the impact on the surrounding, in terms of perspective or light, and to not altering the environmental and decorous conditions. To be precise you stressed the attention on:
– The requirement of minimizing the visual impact of the parapet in comparison with the skyline of the building, by using, according to the idea of the superintendence, “… a parapet in iron with a design like the one of the first railings of the building” and moving back of about 30metres this parapet in comparison with the façade’s wire;
– Further consideration related to the texture of the terracotta-tiled floorings, which, in addition to assure a suitable protection and durability of the scabbard below, an improvement of the thermal insulation of the building, render more pleasant the perception of the covering surface viewed by buildings set at a highest depth;