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Realization of the first functional part of the Letters Department in the university pole of Folcara – Cassino (Frosinone)


Buyer: S.T.I.P.E.S.p.A.
Year: 2005
Work Amount: € 7.058.860, 95
Other participants: Integrated Services s.r.l.



The manufactured article is composed by two factory shapes separated by a joint : BUIDING 1 (shape with stairs) and BUILDING 2 (shape without stairs).
This joint will be realised through a doubling of the columns.
Every factory shape, of greatest height like 13.60 m, is composed by three floorings and by these structural elements:
– Frames in c.a;
– Floors with prefabricated slabs;
– Foundations;
The realized works fall in a seismic II category zone (S=9) seismic declared with D.M. 1st April 1983 number 209 (G.U. 7th May 1983 number 124) and confirmed with the Ordinance 20th March 2003 number 3274 of the Presidency of the Ministry Council, published in the Ordinary supplement G.U. number 105 of the 08/05/2003