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Extraordinary repairs’ assistances to the ordinary parts and facades’ restoration of the monumental apartment building in Francesco Saverio Gargiulo Street – Naples

Buyer: Condominium at Francesco Saverio Gargiulo Street, number 3 (Manager: Antonio Ferrarello)
Year: 2007


The real estate, object of this planning, is situated at Francesco Saverio Gargiulo Street, 3 where you find the only access to the factory.

The predicted interventions are the following:
– Facade restoration;
– Substitution of the main entrance;
– Restoration of the lobby and resolution of the dampness problems;
– Installation of a lift;

The main facade, overlooking at Francesco Saverio Gargiulo Street, has a clear and advanced state of decade both as concern the materials and the changes of the architectonic typologies..
On all the six levels, you can see damns, which can be related to the anthropic action and to the atmospheric agents as gaps of plaster, looking frames and/or damaged; presence of interventions made with not qualified materials, rapes and pipes of systems not fixed and protected, in some cases, and typologies of fixture and boxes not related to the typology of the building or other things.

You predict, then, to recover the facade through the restoration of the lacking parts, the reprospinning of the frames and the boxes compared to the original design, the cleanness of the building parameter and the consolidation of the plaster, where it is necessary.

In particular, all the interventions which are individualized as made in the wrong way or with wrong materials are taken into pieces, removed or demolished.
As concern the plaster, you must pay a particular attention to the surface consolidation, to the restoration aimed to the protection and the fixage of the detachments, both of the smooth surfaces and, in particular, of the shaped parts to recover according to the original outlines.

The reintegrations of gaps are made by following the original outline with plaster having he same composition of the existing one or like it.

The fixtures and the wood spinnings have to be restored by repairing the surface lesions and the scalings, the causes of wood decade caused by the mechanical solicitation, atmospheric agents or pollution. In some cases you don’t find the fixtures because of the removals or tamperings.

You find heavy technological alterations in the balconies, which are subjected to the most recent intervention of consolidation with iron hoopings, which have modified the profile, causing stagnations to the percolation of the rainwater, which today is the cause of rust and crackings of balconies.

You predict a good pickaxe of the plaster, the fraying of the iron hoping and the probable intervention of the balcony and the remaking of the plaster.
You predict to substitute the main entrance with a new one in wood and with a design related to the palace so that you can appreciate, both the all facade and the piperno gateway, which has a good state of preservation.

As concern the lobby, it is characterised by a marble flooring, that, by judging the irregular inclinations, has been realised directly to the old piperno flooring so you predict to make some tests to verify this hypothesis and, if you need, to remove this flooring.

Construction site

Construction site: via Francesco Saverio Gargiulo n°3 – Napoli
Opening date: 2009
Work Amount: € 133.751,14;
Executor firm: Edil Futura S.r.l.