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Buyer: Condominium in 88, Depretis Street
Year: 2007- Opening date 21/11/2006 – Delivery date: 08/03/2007
Work amount: € 648.716.25

The building situated in 88, Agostino Depretis Street is an example of architecture built after some measures related to the plan of recovering and enlarging of Naples at the end of the XIX century. The building’s entrance is from Agostino Depretis Street, number 88.Besides this main board, the lot is delimited by the streets Potenza, Gioia and Rua Catalana. It is not subjected to any monumental or environmental tie to the senses of the nowadays protection’s laws. The building has 6 floors, comprehending the ground floor and the attic, and excluding the level of the attics and of the coverings. Another basement, in stone, runs along the building for almost two levels (basement and ground floor); at the top there is the façade with decorated fillers of the late XIX century, made by pilasters and surmounted from a final level beyond the string-course band with a projecting cornice.

The walls are in Neapolitan yellow tuff, the various level orientations are in iron-beam floors at double T and tuff vaults, according to a technology of the end of the XIX century. The iron rolled and tarred immediately was protected from a corrosion with linseed oil, lead or manganese paints. The architraves are in freestone (pietrarsa or piperno), the lintels are in tuff worked in cuneus. The vaults of the stairs are in rampant arch in tuff walling. The stair room is covered with a glass structure in metal elements which nowadays is at a discrete state of saving.

The main facades of the building overlook to Agostino Depretis Street, but the lot interests also Gola Street, Rua Catalana and Potenza Street. They show these decay forms, which are typical of the carelessness and absence of mantainance, as for example the presence of an infesting vegetation and roots in the junctions stressed by the humidity in the points in which you find the interruption of the downspout. In other parts the causes of decay are related to deliberated actions as for example the gaps of material caused by the mechanic action and damages, the alterations caused by the use of unsuitable material and/or bad work, the superimposition of elements or advertising plates, the damages of the stone produced by a mechanical solicitation and chemical/physical alteration, the spots and the graffiti produced by a use of unsuitable materials or by vandalistic actions.

The interventions interest the facades, the main stairs with the lobby and the covering with the attics, according to the most modern technologies of restoration, in the philological respect of the pre-existences and in the choice of substituting only those parts which are corrupted for further damns for the saving state of the building, and in the respect of the living requirements and of building decay.

The project has proposed, in addition, to substitute the existing glass window joining a system containing elements of solar energy capitation.
Now the restoration works to the lowest bidder firm have been undertaken on contract. B5 srl has to conduct the works.