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Buyer: Condominium in 21, Tommaso Senise Street
Year: 2007

he palace of the condominium in 21, Tommaso Senise Street belongs to the current configuration of the late 19th- century or the beginning of the 20th-century , but of a previous system, as you can understand from a really fast consultation of the historical 18th century planimetries. The lot on which insists this strict and proper building of rent houses, is situated at the intersection of Tommaso Senise Street and Toledo Street, with the main entrance from the number 21 of San Tommaso Senise Street (presenting the south façade of the well-known Maddaloni’s palace) and the advance on the main Toledo Street (adjoining the flat in 51 Toledo Street, bound to the senses of the L.1089/1939 and s.m.i.).

The small building, n the trapezoidal design, is characterized by the distribution of a flat for every level, typology reflected in the design of the facades.
The page layout of the two facades belongs to the late 18th century, with rusticated ashlar-work elements, string-course bands realised in plaster and windows’frames, which have simple floral elements.

Elements which characterise the face are balconies with two openings, one situated in Toledo Street and the other in Tommaso Senise Street, with shaped piperno shelves and with the exception of the angle junctions at all the levels made in a successive intervention.

The smooth rustication of plaster with staggered joints defines the building in Toledo Street and Tommaso Senise Street and designs the corner, joining between the main street and the alley. The two remaining windows, along the tightest road, are decorated with floral elements.

You work on three façade’s portions: the first one in Tommaso Senise Street, in the north, the second one in Toledo Street in the west and the last one is a façade’s portion, which goes beyond in height the building, bounding to the east.
Some façade’s portions in Tommaso Senise Street show some gaps in material, caused by mechanical actions, chemical- physical decay and tamperings.

The entrance portal and the frame of the wicket door, which gives entrance to the warehouse in Tommaso Senise Street, are made in stony material (volcanic stone) and show some stone damages caused by mechanical stress and chemical – physical change. To these things you add the surface erosion and the flaking due to chemical, physical and biological agents. There are also washing away and scaling’s phenomena related to the action of atmospheric and polluting agents.

The facades have spots, presences scattered of infesting vegetation, of roots in the joints due to a bad maintenance and phenomena of humidity caused by a previous interruption of the pluvial, which has been substituted.
The plaster is decayed with material gaps, has parts of insufficient quality and different tampering, the same problems are found in the filled parts (frames, windows and cornices) in Senise and Toledo Street.

The project predicts the complete demolishing of the facades, with the exception of the stuccoes and of the string-course layers and the rusticated, which have to be restored and repaired, if necessary, basing themselves on adjoining patterns; the consolidation of the stony disintegrated surface and/or with marked forms of exfoliation; the removal of surface storing loose aground and of the surface ones coherent with organic salt tablets; the herbicidal and biotical treatment and the weeding through spraying and the removal of the roots from the disjuncture; the surface consolidation, the cleaning, the restoration for the consolidation and the fixing of plaster detachments; the disassembly and the successive assembly of the plates to allow the restoration operations of the surface façade; the new plaster and the successive painting of the complete façade with painting in lime, according to a plan of the colour as you see in elements found in the preliminary made stratigraphies.

The removal of works in metal (brackets, cramps, railings, gratings, etc.) without quality with the disassembly and the successive assembly to allow the restoration operations of the surface façade of the plates and the advertising posters. The fixtures in wood show some surface damages, a patina layer and scalings, a decay of material caused by mechanical pleas, atmospheric and polluting agents. You see the addition of some shutters in aluminium, which have to be eliminated. You predict the recovery of the exterior fixtures in wood with the cleaning and washing, the treatment with corrosion inhibitors in iron, the final protective treatment.
Respect to the balconies, you predict the plaster demolishing, the verify of the conservation state( of matter and dimensional, for the structural verify) of the stirrups in iron, of the balconies and the junctions, the cleaning, the washing and the treatment with inhibitors of the rust stirrups, the possible substitution of the same, if necessary, the introduction of a new metal stirrup under the first level balcony( Toledo Street side) on the same model of the existing one, realization of a new plaster and the cleaning and the consolidation of the stony parts, upon realization of water-repellent sealings.

Lobby and stairs room.

The common parts, which are inside the building, are in an uncertain state of conservation due to the absence of mantainance, to the bad conditions due to the surface scalings and damages both of the plasters on the walls and vaults and steps.
There will be a cleaning of the stony surface both horizontal (floor and steps) and vertical (skirting board); the removal of the decayed stony parts and the new supply and setting of the marble floors, which has the same characteristics of the existing one on the landings, skirting boards, steps an the realization of a dado in marble slabs, for an height of 1,30 metres from the level of the trampling, posed horizontally in the first tract of the lobby in 7 bands from 19 cm and vertically- with elements of width (equal to that of the steps) of 36 cm – in the second raised tract, at the entrance to the stairs room; the plasters demolishing and the painting. You suggest the painting and the cleaning of the door in wood facing on the lobby.

You predict the cleaning and the washing of the railings in iron bogies, the treatment with inhibitors of the iron corrosion and the protective final treatment of the railing with a water enamel.

Regards to the furniture elements, you predicted the cleaning of the lamp in wrought iron, which is in the centre of the lobby and the addition of two emergency lamps, and the substitution of the ceiling light fixtures along the stairs, just next the landings of disassembly and of the intermediate ones.

You predict the remaking of the entry phone system, the removal of single poles, TV-UHF and the installation of a new centralized TV pole. You didn’t predict the restoration of the cases and you have respect, as from indications received by the administrator, the presence of metal hooks for the support of the protection shield to the window of Calabrese’s store.