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Functional and structural works of the local gym – San Tammaro (Caserta)

Buyer: San Tammaro’s Council (CE)
Year: October 2007
Work amount: € 328.530,28
Other participants: Migliore Stass- Associated Studios; Ing. Luca De Luca

San Tammaro’s Council wants to recover, also from the structural point of view and of the plant-engineering adjustment , the relevant lot of the municipal gym situated in 24 Maggio Street, number 9, which has not be used for long time, and nowadays is in a state 9of desertion and decay.

For this reason he entrusted the professional task of final, executive, and safety planning during the phase of planning “Works of functional and structural adjustment of the Municipal Gym” to the Grouping of Professional Men B5 srl- Migliore Stass- De Luca, which made out a first phase of functional and structural adjustment, limited, for expense requirements, to the only refunctioning of the gym volume and of the immediate surroundings.

The building is destined to a polyfunctional field for basketball, occasional events, sports practice of free aggregations; inclusive of the attached toilets. A more complex intervention, object of the present planning, instead can interest:

  • A restyling of the complex, for a general improvement of the image and the status quo of the general and sports plant-engineering conditions of the building, providing some necessary sports equipping and public welcome, also in relation to the requirements of amplifying the users of the possible receivers; comprehending structures and furniture for the adolescence, for the differently skilled, for motor activities of the third age;
  • The retrieval of the basement, which has to be destined to the car parks, also in relation to the needs of the adjacent circles, and to the warehouses;
  • The operations of complete refunctioning on the volume of services, offices and changing rooms, important for a strengthening of the possible sports activities;
  • A definite intervention on the open spaces, giving the possibility of giving hospitality also outside to the motor activities destined to the childhood, to the differently skilled, to the third age, place of meeting and relief.