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Buyer: Dott. Mario Colomo
Year: 2007

The intervention of the house rebuilding, situated in Corso Garibaldi, Portici (Naples), which belongs to the doctor Mario Colomo, is a little but really qualified project of spaces retraining, which conforms itself to the double request of safeguarding what does exist and subdividing the surroundings, guaranteeing privacy and flexibility.

You met the requirements of separating one of the biggest house’s surroundings in a zone of the studio and a living room, through a metallic structure, completely suspended from the floor, to safeguard the nice and black marble floor.

On it a piece of furniture and a panel, which are both in wood, will be put together. Between them there is an air space, where you find two doors of further closing.
At the top, you find the diffuse of lighting. The final object has a separating function and it is bookshop and container towards the studio, while in the living room it offers a bearing besides the many pictures of the landlord.