B5 s.r.l. engineering achieved a great experience and known-how in architectural and urban planning and in restoration of civil and monumental buildings, which comes from a successful long-term tradition.

The founders of the firm are Sergio Brancaccio, Professor of Architectural and Urban Planning, and Ersilia Carelli, Professor of the History of Critique and Architectural Literature at the Faculty of Architecture, at the Ph.D. and at the Master School in Restoration of Monuments in the “University Federico II”, which met their forty-year professional tradition with the innovative contributions and abilities of their own sons, Francesca Brancaccio, Ph.D. and MA in architecture, Ugo Brancaccio, engineer, both specialized in the restoration of monuments, and Laura Brancaccio, Ph.D. and MA, lawyer, researcher of LLM, European Legal Studies, College of Europe.

On November 2005 they all set up B5 s.r.l. engineering, carrying out achieved works and starting new planning, already published in several and qualified scientific text. B5 s.r.l engineering is actually running out many activities of consultancy, planning and supervision of working in Italy and abroad.

Legal representative and Manager of the Society is Francesca Brancaccio.

B5 s.r.l. engineering operates in a Quality System, adopting in the relationship with customers, the criteria expressed by the regulations UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, (certificate N.SQ072628, sector EA 34-35, 13/07/2007) for “allocation of services of historical research, professional advice, studies of feasibility, planning and work direction of architectonic works and civil engineering” .

B5 s.r.l. is member of OICE (Association of Italian Engineering, architectural and technical-economic consulting organisation) and of Unione Industriali of Naples (part of the system of the ‘General Confederation of Italian Industry’, briefly indicated as ‘Confindustria’).

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