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Structural final and executive planning of the Underground (Line 1) of Naples- between Piazza Garibaldi and Centro Direzionale – Lotto 6.1.

Buyer: STIPE Spa
Executor firm: De Lieto Costruzioni generali Spa

From the well connection to the natural galleries (Brin well) to the square of the National Railway (Bettina bridge or underpass F.S) the Line 1 with the two planned platforms goes along, in artificial gallery, a tract of about 160.000 m. going up again from altitude – 8.41 s.l.m. ( at the entrance of the natural galleries) at altitude – 1.05 s.l.m (at the entrance of the first arch of the square underpass F.S.). In the final tract of this short way, whose campaign plan is situated at about +4.00 s.l.m. and the free crack of the layer at +2.50 s.l.m., the Line 1 interferes both with the main sewer buried under the first arch and with the Line S.F.S.M. ( Secondary South Railway) Naples- Nola Baiano that with two platforms runs the arch of the quoted underpass.
For the artificial gallery, which welcome the platforms of the Line 1 in the tract taken into consideration, is predicted a bearing structure composed by barrier bulkheads in c.a., bottom slab in c.a., inner counter walls in c.a. and covering slab in c.a., instead, in correspondence to the connection with the bridge of “Bettina”, the burrier bulkheads will be substituted by the pale bulkheads. In particular, as regards the covering slab you will have:

Tract D-D
The covering will be realized with a slab in c.a. , with polystyrene lightening of transverse section like 0.80’0.80 m., the resistant section will be at double T with slab superior to the depth like 0.40 m., inferior slab of height like 0.20 cm. and ribs posed at wheelbase of 1.20 m, of the depth of 0.40. The whole height is like 1.40m.
The predicted solutions for the realization of the slab are two, one that predicts a predalles of an height like 0.125 m. reinforced with f12/20 longitudinal, the second one predicts the stream of the complete inferior slab through the use of moulds.

Tract E-E/F-F
The covering will be realized with a slab in c.a. full of height like 0.80 m. with perpendicular frame to the development of the gallery. In correspondence of the pales f1200, realized as provisional work for the realization of the gallery taken into consideration, allowing the contemporary the contemporary functioning of the Circumvesuviana Line, will be realized some slabs with the depth of 0.40 framed side by side to the gallery.

Tract G-G
The covering will be realized with a slab in c.a. of 0.80 thick.
The considered planning takes into consideration the reduced difference of altitude between the iron plans (Line 1 and Line S.F.S.M.). In the point in which this difference is minimized and for this reason more contrary, you guarantee, however, with a depth of the slab which covers the artificial gallery like 80. Moreover, you guarantee:
– a P.F. distance- intrados covering Line 1 like 4.10m
– a depth (distance P.F.- pose plan of the ballast) of the Line S.F.S.M. platform like 60 cm
The overtaking provisional proposed intervention, predicts the realization of a work composed by beams Essen laying on manoeuvre beams HEB600 linked, 0.80’1.50m, are also linked, by dice of 1.50’1.50’1.50 m dimensions, to pales f1200 of 11.00m long.