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Realization of the stop in Melito, of the Alifana railway between Mugnano and Melito – Naples

Buyer: STIPE S.p.A.
Year: 2006/07
Work Amount: € 7.000.000,00
Executor firm: ASTALDI S.p.A.
Other participants: Tecnosistem S.p.A. (Architectonic)

The intervention regards the “internal” structures to the perimeter bulkheads previewed in the executive project of the new Melito station situated to the progressive km 13+740.93 of the railway line Metro Campania north-east (still railway Alifana and Benevento Naples s.r.l.) section Naples Teverola- Lot 1 from progressive 12+842.05 to progressive 14+076.91- tract Mugano Melito- Giugliano

The station is characterized regularly from these dimensions: the length measures 116,00m, the width varies from about 17 to 34 m.

The main inner structures are:
Inner panels composed by barriers in c.a. of thickness like 1,00 till the altitude of the mezzanine (+96.46) and from this altitude till the altitude of the covering floor (+101.16) are composed by “setti” of the same thickness.
Covering floors and of the mezzanine which are constituted by “solettone” in c.a.,of 110cm thick, lightened with polystyrene plans posed at wheelbase of 125 cm; floors of the platform plan which are composed by glasses in c.a., like the fire-prevention ones, ticked, prestressed and lightened with polystyrene and successive action to create a complete tickness of 30m; bottom “solettone” which is previewed with a full slab in c.a. of 1,00m tick;
String-courses of perimeter barriers in correspondence of the holes for the stiars;
Beams 120 x 210 (longitudinal beams) at altitude + 101.16 which links at the top the inner panels;
Beam 260 x 110 (longitudinal beams) at altitude + 101.16 which links at the top the inner panels;
Beam 200 x 200 (oblique beam) at covering altitude (+101.16) inclined in plan;

The previewed work phases are these:
Excavation till the altitude +95.00m s.l.m. that is till the intrados of the mezzanine floor;
Realization of barriers (both perimeter and central);
Realization of the frame at altitude +96,46, of the relative string-course and the beams between the two central barriers;
Excavation between the barriers till the lean concrete bottom altitude;
“Setti” realization in c.a. from altitude 96,46 till covering “solettone”altitude (+101.16);
Covering “solettone”realization at altitude +101.16 and the relative waterproofing;
Realization of the bottom “solettone” and of all the other inner structures.