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Buyer: Dott. Stefano Da Notaris
Year: 2004/2005
Work amount: 70.000 euro

Two small flats, on the hill of Pizzofalcone, first installation of the Palepoli of the Greek colonizers, both built a false ceiling, with vaults in tuff barrel, a terace and the living requirements of a young single : these are the premises of the spaces reorganization planning, which took into consideration the needs of creating relations between the two levels and unite two portions separated in a single space.

The spaces shape is the same: you preserved the existing ceilings, the walls dispositions. The only “thread” that was chosen to underline the seams is the one of a rusty-iron w sheet, used as a line that signs, leaning itself if necessary, the communication and the fields conjunction. This sign is clarified by the choice of plastering all the walls in white and flooring all the spaces in white self-levelling resin.

Then it was necessary to open only a short entrance necessary to keep in touch the two flats and realize the water-proofing and furniture works of the terrace.Parva sed apta mihi: each furniture object, each piece of furniture still owned by the landlord, tried room in this space seemingly indifferent”.